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About Me

The Grumpy Old Forester knows about trees.

It started when I was a boy picking up  sticks to whittle with my pocket knife. Over time the sticks got bigger and pretty soon I was picking up sticks with a tractor to carve with my chainsaw.

What I like doing is simple; making things from trees, not run of the mill things but unique, interesting things. It has got to the point that when I am not working with wood, I get grumpy. The old part...well that’s just future proofing.

Grumpy Old Forester is Matthieu Hommel MSc MICFor a youthful and eager professional wood wizard with over twenty years experience in Scottish forestry and a passion for creating exciting objects from beautiful timber.

You can find some of my pieces in local shops at Pluscarden Abbey, Hopeman Harbour and Crafted in Moray along with my  Etsy shop but most of my work comes direct so if you have a wood project that I can help deliver or would like me to make something for you then I would love to hear from you

The Grumpy Old Forester
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Projects in Wood

The Grumpy Old Forester is a versatile beast, so long as it involves wood then there is a good chance I can make it. Here are just a few recent projects:

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Pluscarden, Scotland, UK


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